Watch these video series and learn the skills that equip you with tools and strategies to help your children grow. These series are specially designed for parents to continue their child’s learning at home.
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  • Makaton Key Word Sign Series

    Makaton keyword signing is an effective system that supports children’s understanding and communication. Watch our Makaton video series to understand how Makaton signing benefits children and learn these useful signs.

  • Messy Play Series

    Messy play is a great way to help children develop. Learn how to stimulate your child’s senses through these fun games and create messy play activities with the simple recipes in this series.

  • Fun & Learning with Toys

    Play is critical in children’s development. Watch this series to get inspired of ways to create learning moments out of any games with your children.

  • 三月十八日小明 – Learn the 7 basic rules to Chinese Stroke Order

    A series of fun and educational rap songs with dance moves to help you learn the 7 basic rules to Chinese writing stroke order!

  • Social Skills Learning Tips For Preschoolers

    The series shows five different role-play situations that young children might face in a variety of social situations. Watch the videos with your children so they can learn and model the appropriate behaviours in different situations.

  • CDC Parent Voice

    Listen to heartfelt stories from our CDC parents and learn more about their child’s journey here at the CDC!