Your helping hand will support us to keep things running

We provide essential early identification and interventions to children with special educational needs. While we get support from the government we are committed to making our services affordable for all. Because of that, committed volunteers in the classrooms, on our Board, steering committees, and sponsored events help us keep the lights on!

What can I do as a volunteer?

  • Volunteer your expertise. If you have less time availability, you can consider volunteering your skills whether in marketing, graphic design, human resource, staff coaching or training. We are always looking for help with improving the different things that we do.
  • Steady commitments are welcome in the classroom. If you are able to volunteer a certain amount of time per week, we want you in our classrooms. Because of the training required for classroom volunteers we are only able to take steady commitments.
  • Beneficiary events. Please recommend us as a beneficiary to your companies fundraising events.
  • Sign-up with and choose the CDC to become a beneficiary of your birthday or other events.

You need to be a Hong Kong resident or have a valid work visa in accordance with Hong Kong Immigration Department requirements. You need to be age 18 or older.

For any enquiries, please contact tel.: 3462 2845 / email:
  • Your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of CDC without your prior approval. You will need to complete a Privacy and Confidentiality form. If your volunteer work involves interacting with children, you will need to fill out a form to declare that you have no criminal records and no sex offence convictions.
  • Applicants are advised to check their personal vaccinations (especially Hepatitis B, TB and Tetanus) are up-to-date prior to commencing work.
  • All volunteers/interns are given an overall introduction to the CDC’s goals and work.