Careers that make a real difference

Working in multidisciplinary teams, our staff build accomplished and impactful long-term careers

Learn as children learn

We encourage our team to keep their minds open to training possibilities and promote the growth of everyone’s professional skills.

A true team dynamic.

Teamwork is our edge, we grow together and learn from one another while we deliver services, and during team meetings.

An impact beyond one child.

We empower families and other professionals with information and resources to support children, demystify Hong Kong’s complex education systems, and foster acceptance and pride.



Our managers and leadership always have their doors open, ready for questions, creative discussions or to work through any challenges. We are transparent, genuine and welcoming.


People work to their own rhythms and styles, and we respect and support one another’s differences.


We support and help one another, offering our expertise and in turn valuing the experience and knowledge of others, to do our best work.


We genuinely care - about the children we work with, their families, our colleagues and one another. We build one another up and make time to listen.


Play is so powerful. We fully recognise its importance for children and are inspired to look for those moments of connection and fun with one another and each child at the CDC.


We are a leading expert in SEN Early Childhood Education (SEN ECE) in Hong Kong. We work with a diverse range of abilities as well as special and other additional needs, hence offer a wide range of tailor-made clinical interventions.

Supervision and mentorship.

We offer both clinical and managerial supervision through our mentorship programmes that help our staff develop critical skills, knowledge and essential organisation skills they will need for the their future careers with us and beyond.

Positive work-life balance.

We emphasise a work-life balance that ensures all our people are confident in their abilities, have a balance between their work lives and home or family lives, and are comfortable reaching out for support and guidance when needed.


Vibrant, happy and bright.

We have two exceptional centres on Hong Kong Island located close to the sprawling open-air waterfront. Bathed in natural light with uplifting modern interior designs, scenic views, close to amenities and transport options, our spaces are joyful, vibrant and safe work environments.

Opportunities to work with us.

Whether you are an experienced professional seeking to grow into a supervision role and apply your expertise to early childhood development, a fresh graduate looking to kickstart your career with mentorship and guidance, or an intern seeking to learn from leading experts in the field, we welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds and aspirations to be part of our team.


If you are looking to develop your supervision skills or even grow into a supervision role, we offer opportunities for experienced professionals to apply their niche expertise to the field of early childhood development.


We see the potential of enthusiastic fresh graduates and offer a springboard to a dedicated career with plenty of opportunities to grow.

We help nurture clinical skills related to young children and their families as well as instill the important administrative habits and methodologies that will become a foundation for a long-term career and last a lifetime.


There are many ways the CDC can be a unique and inspiring place to work for you, but we would love you to stop by and see for yourself how we are making a difference and creating a positive and empowering environment for our staff to thrive, learn and grow alongside the children and families we serve.

Get in touch if you would like to join our team. You can enquire directly through us or check on our website about current job vacancies.